On this Tower defense / Virtual pet game you need to ensure that our blob critter survives across all levels, facing innumerable enemy waves and starvation.

To do so you’ll need to defend it by placing turrets along the way. There is a catch, though: you need to take care of the blob’s basic needs (for now, the only need is food). If it starves it’ll start to take damage. On the other hand, keep it well fed and it will slowly heal itself.

To feed it you need to give it fruits that you can gather from defeated mobs. Note that placing turrets will also consume fruit (fruit is everything in this game world), so balance is important!

Stay tuned for the postmortem stating the usual list of features that got cut.


  • Tap a turret button and then in the map to place a turret.
  • Tap the FEED button or the blob in the map directly in order to feed it.
  • Others:
    • ESC to reset the whole game.
    • R to restart the current level.
    • F1 to toggle the turrets’ detection range display.

Known issues

  • Tapping again on a turret button should deselect it, but it’s not working well.

Dev tools:

  • Language/engine/library: Haxeflixel
  • IDE: Haxedevelop
  • Graphics: Aseprite, Texture packer
  • Level edition: Tiled
  • Project mgmt: Trello


Just me :D

I was aiming for a compo release, but because of a belated start I had to switch to the jam in order to polish a bit more the systems I already had in place. I’m still sticking to the compo rules, which means I did code, art, design and picked sound samples from an online generator by myself.


  • 21/04/2020: Submission time!
  • 22/04/2020: Android release.


Pet Protecc TD - Jam version - Windows 6 MB
Pet Protecc TD - Jam version - Android 19 MB