Destroy your rival’s planet before she does the same to yours. To do so, first you’ll need to develop your base by colonising other planets, acquiring resources and building ships.

Pay attention to the icons on the planets. They'll guide you on what resources they need.

Once you’ve got some ships orbiting  your main planet tap on the enemy HQ on the right to launch an attack.


Tap on planets following the music beats. That’s all you need to do :)


  • 23/04/2018: 
    • Submission version. It seems I won’t be able to publish a WebGL build today because I didn’t realise until now that it didn’t support certain audio-specific functionality.
    • MacOSX submitted.
    • HTML5 submitted. It required a port of the bpm checking logic to bypass the single thread limitation on Unity :/
  • 25/04/2018:
    • Android version.

Install instructions

Click and run :)

Confirmed working on Windows, MacOSX and the web version.

As for the Linux port, I managed to run it on a virtual machine, but it looked awful (probably because of some crappy graphics card emulation). If anyone can try it and let me know if it looks fine or not on a real computer I'll be super thankful!
Besides that and the obvious execution permissions, it might require additional library dependencies.

If that happens check https://answers.unity.com/questions/348751/what-are-the-stand-alone-linux-player... or similar threads.


Beatcraft v0.1, Windows 16 MB
Beatcraft v0.1 Android 24 MB
Beatcraft v0.1 MacOSX 19 MB
Beatcraft v0.1 Linux 21 MB


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When you get the rhythm, you can stop annihilating planets :D