#7DRL 2019 entry.

Bomberman and Splatoon had a baby and it turned to be a roguelike!
Lead Berry the fairy towards the exit of the dungeon garden with a bunch of bombs to help you (or break you) in your way. Bombs can paint the ground, applying different status effects  (good and bad) to the unaware.
Excuse the lack on content and poor balancing and art, I ran out of time for them n_n.

Currently playable on Windows and browsers. I'll try to get updated MacOSX/Linux builds by Monday.


I used character assets from a couple of packs I purchased as part of a Humble Bundle. Specifically:

Both by @finalbossblues

As for code, I did almost all of it from scratch, although I did reuse some bits from past projects for pathfinding and bsp generation. Feel free to check the repository @ https://github.com/wildrabbit/fairybomb (rushed overengineering ftw)


  • QWEASD: Movement (use TAB if you have an AZERTY keyboard layout to change)
  • J: Place a bomb. They'll go off automatically as they move or if they get caught on the area of effect of another bomb's explosion.
  • Spacebar: Spend a turn.
  • 1,2,3... Select bomb on the inventory
  • Shift + 1,2,3...Drop bomb (except the first one)


  • 11/03/2019:  Mac, Linux builds.
  • 09/03/2019: v0.0.5 [SUBMISSION] Inventory + status
    feedback. Tile updates, fixes all around. Not so complete as I would like to and it needs some heavy balancing / content design, but here we go :D
  • 08/03/2019: v0.0.4 - During these days with no updates
    I've been adding a bunch of stuff:  Enemies are now bombers after all, added faction-based paint as a side effect of bomb explosions, BSP map generation and a basic loot system (currently only giving out bombs). I've had to cut a number of systems and features, but code-wise I think I'm relatively close to freezing it. However, I'm less than 12h away (minus some hours of sleep) and I'm missing HUD, game screens to close and the art, besides more fixes, not to mention balancing >.<
  • 05/03/2019: v0.0.3 - Added chase/escape/attack monster
    states. Chasing relies on some Dijkstra-based pathfinding, and I created the skeleton for a battle solver, currently handling some absurdly basic melee combat. It feels quite one-sided against the player, so maybe I'll just go with bomber/static enemies.
  • 04/03/2019: v0.0.2 - Enemies system (creator + ai controller basics ) and game data using scriptable objects. Provided MAC + Linux builds
  • 03/03/2019: Created project. First Windows + HTML5 dev builds (movement, time, hp, bomb placement, functioning hud)


Fairy Bomb v0.0.5 - Submission (Windows) 16 MB
Fairy Bomb v0.0.5 - Submission (MacOSX) 18 MB
Fairy Bomb v0.0.5 - Submission (Linux) [UNTESTED] 19 MB

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