This is my entry for Ludum Dare #34.

Your goal is to lead as many balls as possible into the "deposit" area by using a magnet. You can control the polarity and activate/deactivate the magnet's movement along the bar it's attached to.

Beware of obstacles and specially wheels, that can destroy balls (however, there's only one at the last level and you may beat it if you only lose one of them, so this warning will better apply to a hypothetical post-compo version).

The game should be playable on mobile devices. At least I've tested it on a Nexus 5 using Chrome.

>>>>>> Controls <<<<<<

IMPORTANT!! While it's possible to combine keyboard and mouse (left hand for the keyboard, right for mouse or vice versa), I recommend to stick to keyboard controls to avoid confusion.

I would have liked to set an intermediate screen with control schemes so that the player could select one and disable every other input, but I ran out of time (surprise!).

>>>> Keyboard <<<<

Keyboard controls emulate interaction with the two buttons on the machine. Since I wanted to adhere strictly to the theme, I only used two keys, too. This is the reason why you can't switch directions (I tried it at first, and together with the polarity it was a nightmare)

  • F: Press to activate the crane moving the magnet. You can't change direction (the machine is old!)
  • J: Press to cycle between polarities (or disable the magnet).

U and H should also work (for Dvorak users), but it has never been tested.

>>>> Mouse/Touch <<<<

With the mouse or a mobile device you can interact with the magnet controls in a more direct way.

  • Press left button (with the mouse left button :D): Activate magnet motor. Release to stop it.
  • Swipe up on the polarity wheel: Change polarity to the value below the current one (it's displayed in the middle of the wheel).
  • Swipe down on the polarity wheel: Change polarity to the value above the current one.

>>>>>> Known issues <<<<<<

  • The motor sound effect remains playing if you have it pressed when you beat a level.
  • Occasionally the ball repel directions go a bit wild because of some bugs related to the angle thresholds when they get close to the magnet.
  • Probably because of the previous issue, you may see the balls overlapping. Hopefully this is quite infrequent.
  • Occasional bugs with the polarity wheel controls, especially on small devices.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsArcade, Ludum Dare 34, magnets, Pixel Art
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Interesting mechanics :D

Thanks! They turned out a bit rougher that I would have liked, but have been busy with other projects since that LD to tweak them.