Become a top gardener!

Fill your plot by creating the biggest possible patches of flowers of the same type. The larger the patch, the larger the score! Aim for a perfect plot with no flowers singled out, and try by all means not to leave more than the maximum allowed number of misses on a single level, or you'll lose the game.

Basic controls

The game is really easy to play: just place flowers as they appear until either the plot is full or you've made 5 misses. To place them, touch and drag the flower from the "Current" slot onto an empty slot on the grid. Release it when you're sure, and you're done! Now rinse and repeat :)

If you release outside the grid, or on top of an occupied tile you'll have to retry your action.

Some tiles have additional requirements. For example, it may force you to place a specific flower, or a flower of a specific colour, or on the contrary, forbid you to place them!

Try to perfect all the levels!

PS: The game is still in a very early stage, so expect radical changes. For example, this past iteration added levels, but got rid of power-ups for balancing reasons.

PS-2: If you get stuck, you can access the debug menu to skip the current level or even clear your whole progression. Click on the "DBG" button and there you go.


v0.0.7 (08/08/2016)

Fixed crash caused by previous save files not being properly detected.

v0.0.6 (07/08/2016)

Rehashed and added many more levels. Not playtested yet by anyone other than me, so any feedback on problems will be more than appreciated :)

Also, some very minor animations and visual fixes.

v0.0.5 (19/04/2016)

Fixed "New sequence" button on the last level.

Minor visual tests (petals now move independently instead of doing so with the flower, some scale interpolation)

Also, the game now correctly starts on the intro screen.


Gardenmaster v0.0.7(Windows) 10 MB
Gardenmaster v0.0.7(Android) 19 MB

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