OMG!! A heavy thunderstorm has caused a power outage, and it seems that it'll take longer than usual! How will you charge your smartphones? Will this be the end of civilization as we know it?

Luckily you guys keep a backup generator that will let you enjoy that crappy TV show  you were watching for a bit longer...provided that you won't go overboard wasting power doing other things such as...surviving. Will you be able to keep your middle-class household happy and healthy until electricity is back, or will the generator run out of power before?

The game was intended as a FTL-like crew manager, set in some random house of a random 21st century electricity-dependent family. You basically need to monitor each character's needs and keep track of the resource consumption (most importantly, power). 

<- This would have been the pitch, more or less, if I'd managed to finish in time.

My original goal was for this to be a compo entry, but to say I wildly underestimated the scope of the game would also be an understatement. Had to slip to Jam, and despite all the work I'm not happy enough with the result this time to properly submit it.


Download 14 MB
ld39.apk 22 MB

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