Your goal!

Skydive picking as many crystals as you can (at least as many as indicated on the top HUD)  and bring them back to the summit to beat the level. No looking back! 

The catch? As you go down, crystals will freeze into platforms that you'll need to climb your way to the goal, so don't be too greedy ;)
To assist you a bit you can also count on a booster powerup that will give you some extra impulse at a small cost (3 crystals).



  • Left/Right arrow (A/D): Move horizontally.
  • Space: Jump
  • Left control: Boost! When the powerup becomes available (look at the top of the screen), hold it for a while to charge it and release it to perform a 2x jump and reach places beyond your jumping skills.

Gamepad (tested on an Xbox One controller)

  • Left stick's left and right to...move left and right.
  • Press A to jump
  • Hold and release X: Boost. Same behaviour as with keyboard controls.


  • 06/12/2017:  Lots of people have been complaining about the sliding surfaces, so I've submitted a hotfix build without horizontal acceleration and (hopefully) the booster behaving correctly. (Not the MAC version, sorry!)
    I've also improved this page :)

Known issues

  • Sometimes the booster skill gets stuck, and releasing it won't do anything, but you'll still see the "ready" feedback. If that happens, try to hold and release again. 
  • The current  resolution  I chose (540x960) is too high for the Itch page, my bad! I'll try to generate a build for a different resolutions, but in the meantime you can just zoom the browser to around 50-75%, whatever feels more comfortable. Tested on Chrome and Firefox for windows 10-64b.


Download 17 MB
Download 15 MB

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