Latest changes
  • 26/11/2016: Time advances as a reaction to the player's actions. Also, added a first pass on enemies (at the moment, just bats) and improved (yet again) tilemap generation.
  • 20/11/2016: Same basic gameplay (which isn't much yet), but the maps are now fully procedural and expanded to a larger size (with player tracking, although that still needs some work). Some of the item generation has also been improved. Also, added a windows build (to play just download, unzip and run the executable).

This is just a prototype!

This game continues my submission for the third Indie Speed Run. I had as theme and element "theft" and "jam", respectively, so after a while of thinking I decided to go with a roguelike where you were a thief-like character who's been assigned to steal a diamond. To deactivate electronic systems or traps you need to use jammers (hence the "element" connection on the game jam).

In its current state, the game is basically a stub. You can move around maps, get items, identify them and jam stuff such as traps, There's also some embrionary map generation based on the BSP algorithm, but it's triggering one in each three resets and it's still incredibly rough. There are still lots and lots of work to do.

Install instructions

To run on windows, just download, unzip to a folder of your liking and just run the executable.


Download 12 MB

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