What is it about?

Overburnt is a relatively straightforward time management game with a twist in the form of additional fatigue management. You're the assistant to the mayor of a village where your local heroes tend to stop to stock up equipment, and your task is to satisfy their requests, maximizing profits while at the same time you're trying not to burnout from doing too many tasks at once.


Drag and drop with your mouse from resource node to craft node or from node to character face to fulfill a request. Most actions have a timer, so you can't drag a resource onto a busy node until it is completed.

* Unity 2019 as IDE.
* Aseprite + Affinity Photo for art.
* Trello for task tracking.
I used a couple of free fonts from Dafont.com:
 * Minecraft
 * Retro Gaming

As for music, the post-compo version has a bunch of music tracks (still no sound effects except for the intro screens tap). You may download it here, or if you prefer to check the web build until the rating period for the Compo finishes, you can do so at my Github pages site


  • 29/04/2019: v0.0.3 (COMPO Submission).
  • 29/04/2019: v0.0.4  COMPO Submission + Small UX fix: Target income should appear next to the earnings. Also, I had to make some UI fixes to make it look properly but I managed to make an Android version :)
  • 02/05/2019:
    • COMPO versions for Mac and Linux (Linux one untested atm, so if anyone wants to do the honours I'll appreciate it)
    • v0.0.5: First POST-COMPO builds added. This version will feature some music tracks I've created using Famitracker, and some quality-of-life improvements and fixes.
  • 03/05/2019:
    • Patched Web, Windows and Android COMPO versions (Mac and Linux will have to wait a couple of days):

      • A blocking issue that caused crafts to get stuck at 99% has been fixed.
      • Crafts in progress can no longer be dragged until finished.


Overburnt v0.0.4 Windows (COMPO*) 16 MB
Overburnt v0.0.4 Android (COMPO*) 12 MB
Overburnt v0.0.4 MacOSX (COMPO) 35 MB
Overburnt Linux v0.0.4 (COMPO, Untested) 20 MB
Overburnt MacOSX v0.0.5 (POST-COMPO) 33 MB
Overburnt Windows v0.0.5 (POST-COMPO) 9 MB
Overburnt Android v0.0.5 (POST-COMPO) 13 MB

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