Korokke defence: End of day 1

Programmer habits die hard. As soon as I had the basic idea laid out and a Trello board roughly listing the main tasks required, I started coding. So far it's been mostly groundwork: base interfaces for entities, plus the first steps of the enemy waves spawner and a boids-like system for motion. I expect to start implementing player interaction and some proper gameplay tomorrow, if everything goes well at work and I can come back home relatively early.

The boids system right now is inspired by the Autonomous agents chapter on Programming Game AI by Example, which is in return inspired by the super famous article by Craig Reynolds (Pretty much every book or blog that mentions steering behaviours refers to this). So far I've only implemented seek and flee, and I need to add some noise to the spawn points, plus the wander behaviour that can spice up a bit the pugs' motion.

If you're curious, I'm hosting the project on Github, so you can take a look at the repository commits for progress here:

And here's a screenshot of the Trello board:

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