A wild game idea appeared: コロッケディフェンス!!

I wanted to make up for failing to submit at #ld39, so the announcement for the first "TodasJamers" game jam, organised by the Spanish gaming site Todas Gamers, came in super handy.  

After some background brainstorming today at work I think I've come up with a seed for the game core mechanic. That, and a title. Enter コロッケディフェンス!!  (In romaji, Korokke Defense).

Awesome -and temporary-cover image

The objective of the game will be to protect your croquettes. It will vary between an arcade game and a tower defence, depending on the progress. And, of course...


As usual, I will most likely be a one-woman-band and participate on my own. Tech will be Unity oooor Haxeflixel, depending on how the design stage goes.

To all the other participants, I wish you the best of luck. Remember to look after yourselves and most importantly, HAVE FUN! :D
I hope to have learned my lesson from last month and not overscope  this time.

Get コロッケディフェンス!!

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