Status update: level result + level system :D

Woke up relatively early and I've managed to add a super basic level system, so now I'm ready to start creating graphics, sound and then levels. The game "app" is still missing the intro screen, and potentially a couple more, but I can deal with that later, or maybe even tomorrow.

The level configuration data uses some lightweight configuration scenes. Normally I would have used Unity's ScriptableObjects and perhaps a couple of editor scripts, but I'm not really keen on allocating time to that right now.
Using the scenes has the added benefit of being able to place directly the spawn points, as opposed to writing them down on a form field.

PS: In addition to the html5 build, I've also added Windows and Linux versions. The Windows version should work fine (I hope), and I'll really appreciate if anyone can let me know if the Linux executable works, too.

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