Day 2: Interaction!

Here I am again, with some more progress! Today went relatively smooth despite the stupidly high temperatures and the fact that Unity (the 2017.1 version) is crashing a lot. As you may have noticed, the game page now includes a game. There's still not much to do (I've made the placeholder graphics a bit more meaningful, but they're by no means final), but I hope that the progression is noticeable.

With a closed game loop in, I think I'm in a reasonably good position to start with the next tasks. My main priorities for tomorrow will be a basic set of levels, graphics and sound. Then I'll keep working to expand the gameplay and add more visual polish.

I'm still undecided about the specific setting of the game. The plot is already fixed (protect croquettes the pugs), but I need to dress it a bit. The obvious would be to have the game take place on a kitchen, but a number of alternatives have crossed my mind.

One that I really like, even if it's kind of silly, is to set the game in space (I was listening to Strauss' The Blue Danube, and it just clicked): You're travelling across space to deliver the last batch of croquettes to a lab attempting to figure out the ingredients to replicate it, and you'll have to defend them from astronaut pugs or robot pugs, not sure yet.

A super rough sketch I did: 

Get コロッケディフェンス!!

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