First graphics pass.

I've done a first graphics pass for the first level. I would like to have different settings (I've spent half a day listening to Hawkwind. I MUST add a space level). 
Pugs also feature a "run" animation, even if it's still not as smooth as I'd like to. My next steps: 

  • I'd like to have some cursor feedback (mouse over + tap effect)
  • The remaining basic pug animations:  "hit" (or whatever), potentially an "idle" state, and ideally an  "escape" animation different from the default run one.
  • A first pass on sound effects (basically tap + fail, tap on pug, pug hit, pug escape,  aaand probably some victory/defeat fanfares)
  • Background for the second level.
  • Prototype visual obstacles for the third level.

The popups and HUD panels still look awful, but I think I may wait until I start with the game intro, so I define a consistent style for everything UI in one go.

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